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Samsung Proxima
Samsung Proxima

Designer : Johan Loekito


  Samsung Proxima is the second mobile phone after Dial Phone which is placed in the bracelet. But design and function of this model are completely different.  The phone itself is a separate unit, which can be attached or removed from the bracelet. The plastic bracelet has a search phone function. When the mobile phone is strongly away from the bracelet, special alarm is activated through sound or vibration. If your phone is not far away, but you do not know whether it is in а closet, in a bag or on the fridge - you can save time by turning on a phone search mode. 
  The phone itself is a small black removable unit made in a clamshell form factor and has three displays. The first screen is on the front and performs the technology of electronic ink, allowing to work without too much energy. There are two touch OLED-displays with a virtual keyboard inside. 
  With Samsung Proxima you can determine and contact the owners of other similar phones near by. 

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