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Shiftwear sneakers - "to buy or not to buy"
Shiftwear sneakers
Shiftwear sneakers
Shiftwear sneakers
Shiftwear sneakers
Shiftwear sneakers

 Shiftwear project plans to present sneakers with a revolutionary design. It reflects the spirit of the present days when everything is changing rapidly. 

 With a smartphone application you could easily change the design of your shoes and its not only about the colour. The sneakers contain a flexible screen cover which can visualise patterns and even videos from your phone.

 The idea is astonishing, but it seems that the company is facing some problems to accomplish this project in reality. So we recommend not buy the sneakers until they finally appear at the market so that you can experience the real version of this futuristic design and not to be disappointed by the differences of the concept and the real product of Shiftwear.

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