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Tesla model S - electric car with an autopilot option
Tesla model S
Tesla model S
Tesla model S
Tesla model S
Tesla model S
Tesla model S
Tesla model S
Tesla model S

 While other companies struggle to enlarge the range of their EV (Electric Vehicle) up to 200 miles (320 km), Tesla model S, has already gained 311 miles (500 km).

Buyers can choose between a 60kWh battery with a 208-mile (332 km) range or the larger 80kWh battery with the full 311 miles (500 km).

 In 2017 Tesla has high hopes for the model S. This all-electric car is fast, luxurious, eco-friendly and is packed with latest technology. 

The cabin combines unique noise engineering to obtain the sound dynamics of a recording studio.

The 17 inch touchscreen controls most of the car's functions.

It puts rich content at your fingertips and provides mobile connectivity so you can easily find your destination, favorite song or open the all glass panoramic roof.

 Model S comes with amazing Autopilot capabilities. Not all drivers are ready to start using Autopilot, but such an option makes you feel that the future has come.

 Another “hello from the future” – bioweapon defense mode enabling air filtration system, which removes at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air.

 Charging time is an important competitive characteristic. For the full charge it takes 9,5 hours. With a high-power wall charger the total charging time drops to 4 hours, 45 minutes.

 Model S, and other Tesla’s EV have many amazing options, but the longest range and a growing network of Supercharger stations are the main characteristics, allowing Tesla to be the leader of the luxury electric vehicles market today.

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