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“Chronicles From The Future” by Paul Dienach
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“Chronicles From The Future” tells a strange and an incredible incident experienced by Paul Amadeus Dienach. Dienach, who lived in Europe in the early 20th century stated he spent a year in a coma as a result of an illness, during that time he said his consciousness traveled to the future but in a different body.


 It is normal that this is listed as a fantastic story however, not all believed so, as his experience was taken very seriously by the Masons, who maintained his writings under strict secrecy. There are countless books that tell prophecies and visions of future events, yet none resembles or approximates the strange circumstances that happened to Dienach nearly a century ago. Only a few have been privileged to read the detailed account of Dienach, because only a small number of copies were published.

But now, for the first time, people have the opportunity to read the incredible story of Dienach and hear his revelations about the future and the next evolutionary step for humanity.


Brief informaton about Paul Amadeus Dienach

 Paul Amadeus Dienach was a German teacher. He had never planned to be a writer. “Chronicles From The Future” are actually a collection of his journal focused on his unique experience. In 1921, Dienach fell victim to an epidemic of sleeping sickness, and as a consequence of the disease fell into a coma for a year and staying this time in a hospital in Geneva. When he awoke, he started to write in his diary that he was awake and alert all the time, but not in the year or the place where his body was, his consciousness had traveled into the body of another person, called Andrew Northman a man of the year 3906 A.D.

 According to Dienach, the people who he had contact with in the year 3906 noticed that a different consciousness had invaded the body of Andrew Northman (the new body), so they decided to show and explain everything about their place and their time, and also exposed in great detail everything that happened from the 21 century to the beginning of the 40th century. As recorded by the teacher, it is mentioned that a new species of human called Homo “Occidantalis Novus” will replace Homo sapiens. Being afraid of being treated as a madman or exposed to ridicule, both personally and professionally, Dienach did not tell this story for a while.


The publishing of his diary

 At age 36, with a very poor health after recovering from coma, Dienach traveled to Greece in the fall of 1922, because of the better climate certainly improved his quality life. Once there, he took the opportunity to teach in a German university. It was there that he met George Papahatzis a student who later became the vice president of the National Council of Greece.

 After two years, and seeing that his health deteriorated, Dienach decided to move again, this time to Italy. But before leaving, he confided to his favorite student, Papahatzis, a briefcase full of notes, but asking him to read it in the future.

 Soon after, in 1924, Dienach died of tuberculosis. George Papahatzis translated the notes gradually over a period of 14 years from 1926 to 1940. Initially he thought his teacher had written a strange novel, but as he read more and more, he realized that what he was translating were the selfsame memories of his teacher. World War II and the subsequent civil war in the Hellenic country made temporarily abandon Papahatzis translations of the notes. Subsequently, from 1952 to 1966, he tried to track down living relatives of the deceased teacher, even to traveled to Zurich on twelve occasions. His search was fruitless, so he concluded that Dienach (who had fought on the German side during World War I) had changed his surname to arrive in Greece, a country that just fought against the Germans.

 After finishing the translation of notes, Papahatzis shared the result with a closed circle of fellow Masons. The writings were seized by the secret society as paramount to the future of mankind and, among insiders, Dienach won the title of prophet of the modern times.

 When Dienach memories were published, reading it was complicated, there were more than 800 pages of rough notes. This is understandable because Dienach never tried to turn his diary as a book.


Here is a summary of the future according to Paul Amadeus Dienach:


2000-2300 A.D. Humanity is still struggling with the problems of overpopulation, ecological destruction of the environment, economic inequalities, wrong monetary system, lack of appropriate nutrition for all people, and local minor wars. People are living in this hastly race for atomic financial survival without time to look for their inner self and spiritual development.


In 2204 A.D. is completed a large colonization of the planet Mars, of 20 million people. But in 2265 A.D. a vast natural destruction kills them all. Never again humanity tries to colonize Mars.


2309 A.D. As the result of accumulated and non-solved problems, another big disaster comes to earth and is the great global war. A great part of the civilization as we know it stops to exist. The destruction hits as an almost extinction mainly of the yellow and black races.


2396 A.D. This great change leads to the final establishment of a Global Parliament on Earth of the Global Union of Nations or States. But this Global Parliament, although its is elected through voting by the nations, is not from politicians or businessmen, but from scientists, technologist, and humanitarian figures. The money as we know it do not exist anymore. The planetary resources are redistributed, and are now enough for every person. The overpopulation , the climate , the nutrition, and the ecological problems are solved.

 But not entirely the subtle-tyranny problem. Life is easy, and people work less and less during their life. The years start counting again with year number 1 the 2396 (as in the time of Jesus Christ). Nevertheless the Global Government is a form of totalitarianism, and national governments oppose it directly or indirectly for a couple more centuries. People are still with national consciousness and have not developed the planetary consciousness.

 Only after 2-5 centuries finally they did. Although there are not economic inequalities as we knew them, there are still inequalities over control of the level of technology and properties. People are spiritually weak and sluggish. This “peculiar Dark Age era” lasts till 3400.


3382 A.D. A remarkable phenomenon happens in humanity. People one after the other acquire suddenly a new spiritual ability that could be called hyper-vision or hyper-intuition. A direct access to “the great Spiritual Light” or “Direct Knowledge” with extremely powerful and of stunning clarity creative powers. It is also a mutation of the human brain.


3400-4000 A.D. A new “Golden Age” comes in humanity after almost 1,000 years of “dark age”. Now in the Global Government are not anymore scientists and technocrats. There the “Universal Creators”. Personalities that combine simultaneously the qualities and abilities of philosopher, artist, scientist, adept, mystic, etc. Everything in the society is free, clothes, house, food, transportation, etc. There is no private property, and the only inequalities are of honour and reputation.

 People do not count anymore the success of their lives with the technological and material standards of living, but mainly with their emotional, mental and spiritual development and self-improvement. People work only 2 years in their whole life, between the equivalent of 17 and 19 years. The population of earth is less than an billion people, and there is abundance of products for a decent living. The laws in the society are radically reduced to very few only, as the negative or criminal intentions of individuals in the society, are almost absent. 


Ilustrations: Future architecture by Vincent Callebaut

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