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The latest collection of Planika bio fireplaces-Pyramids, created by our team of extremely open-minded specialists, consists of modern, portable, outdoor products. Depending on the preferences, you can choose between two sizes of the device, Pyramid and Pyramid Small. They are made of highly resistant fibreglass polyester laminate. The glossy white base evokes very positive emotions, contributes to the exceptional joyful mood of it’s user and creates a wonderful contrast with the natural, golden flames. Implementing highly advanced technology, the products are completely safe, thanks to the Commerce burner, which is filled with highly absorbent ceramic fibres. They keep the fuel inside the burner so as to prevent leaks in case of seismic activity or pushing over the device. Pyramids are also absolutely smokeless and user-friendly, suitable for private residences, as well as luxurious commercial areas, such as hotels, restaurants and SPA resorts. The products do not require any installations and special connections. Moreover, they are fully portable, which means they can be placed practically anywhere you wish!

Where to buy:

  • www.planikafires.com

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