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Bubble-the unique biofireplace

Bubble was designed exclusively for Planika by a renowned artist - Serge Atallah. It’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, commercial and private, in traditional and modern style. The minimum required size of an interior is only 14m2 which makes it available even for a flat or a relatively small apartment! Also, it can be easily transported, as it weights only 20kg. Inconspicuous as it seems, Bubble has extremely advanced technology hidden inside. It leaves no ash, smoke or smell, and thus does not require any special ventilation, chimney etc. because the recommended Fanola biofuel is completely non-toxic and odourless. The only combustion products are water vapour and CO2, emitted in the amounts comparable to human breath, which makes the bio fireplace extremely user friendly and environmentally friendly. The capacity of stainless steel burner is 1 litre, which is enough for approximately 3,5 hours of enjoying the view of natural dancing flames. To maximize the pleasure of using Bubble, it is possible to buy an additional aromatherapy set, to fully enjoy the view of the natural flames and the unique atmosphere they create. The eye-catching shape of the white glossy Bubble evokes very positive emotions and contributes to the exceptional joyful mood of it’s user. This influences the everyday life, either helping to wind down and relax or to gain energy. Along with other Planika’s portable bio fireplaces, Bubble is the perfect solution for those who wish to have their interiors and outdoor areas decorated in a stylish, fashionable, unique way.

Where to buy:

  • www.planikafires.com

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