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Review: Gocycle – folding electric bike

  Gocycle is a folding hybrid electric bicycle, which can be driven by electric motor or by pedaling.   

 The battery is hidden in the main frame tube, and electric motor - in the front wheel. For pedal-free ride, push the red button on the left handlebar. The motor will work only when the bike is moving, so you have to start pedaling first. Once you are moving you can press the red button and the motor will take over. The three-speed gears operated with a twist grip are on the right bar. The disc brakes front and rear are also enclosed.

 Gocycle has very promising key features. The nickel metal hydride battery, which needs three hours to charge fully, provides enough power to travel at least 15 miles (24 km) without pedalling – 22 miles (35 km) if used less frequently. The motor’s speed is limited to 24kph (15mph) but tests say it can go even a bit faster. 

  The Gocycle weighs 35.6lbs (16.2kg), including mudguards and EmpowerPack (motor and battery).

  Another reason, making this model more attractive among other electric bikes is that the Gocycle folds and fits into a usual car boot. Gocycle becomes compact enough to be stored in a hard case or soft bag.

Currently, the Gocycle is offered in “So White” or limited edition “Rich Black” colors.


Price of a standard version £1,495

Where to buy:

  • www.gocycle.com

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