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HEXBUG robots

  We congratulate Hexbug company with winning “Toy of the year” awards in 2011! Great work! Various Hexbugs have been released in few years and now a set of 6 different models is available all over the world.

 HEXBUG Nano bugs are robotic creatures that were programmed to behave like real bugs. All are produced in various colors and The Nano model has its own accessory set, including a habitat in which the bugs can interact take part in speed competition and even fight on a special bridge.


Original Hexbug:

  Original hexbug moves around sensing objects in its path and avoiding them. It performs autonomous control. Reacts to touch and sound, due to sound and touch sensors. The robotic bug will travel forward until it hits an obstacle or hears a loud noise.  You can change it’s movements with a hand clap.

It will then backup in a half circle and then move forward in a different direction. Hexbug comes in five distinct shapes and colors.




  The inchworm comes with a remote control. It has no sound, touch or light sensors




  Crab ss performed in red, indigo, green, black and turquoise colors. It’s a crawling bug, that’s seeks out dark places to hide and changes its direction after clapping or making noise. Obtains sound and light sensors.




 Comes in green, pink, orange, blue and red colors.

Looks more like a scorpio without a tail. The ant has movement sensors and is programmed to move until it reaches an obstacle, at which time it turns around and continues in other direction.




  The Nano acts very similarly to a bug. It will flip itself over if it is placed on its back. It has an off-set motor which causes it to vibrate and it glows in the dark.

Price: $9.99



  The spider has six legs and can rotate 360°. The spider is remote-controlled like the Inchworm. Is produced in five colors.


Where to buy:

  • http://www.hexbug.com

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