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Toshiba Qosmio - first glassless 3D laptop
Toshiba Qosmio - first glassless 3D laptop

  Toshiba has become the market leader in 3D-live - glassless 3D technologies. In 2010 the first 3D-live Toshiba Regza TV has been released in the Japanese market. In 2012 Toshiba released the first 3D-live laptop - Qosmio. While you watch 3D content, built-in webcam tracks your eyes whenever you shift your position. The result - better 3D representation no matter from what angle you look at the screen. But, as in case of all innovations, we should not rush to buy it. Every first model presenting the new technology requires time to be improved.  Qosmio laptop needs a more powerful battery and improved tracking cam system - as sometimes when you change your position, the screen becomes blurry for few seconds. We recommend to wait for the second improved model.

  Anyway we congratulate Toshiba for being the first company who presented the first glassless laptop and TV and we wait impatiently for next Toshiba surprises.

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