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YikeBike – folding electro bike
YikeBike – folding electro bike

  YikeBike is an easily folded, taking little space, lightweight, electric bike. It’s a new solution for a city transport and a fresh experiment in design which we consider to be the best of bikes in 2011.

  The YikeBike is electronically limited to 25 kph. It accelerates to top speed in just a few seconds. It’s quite a comfortable speed for moving around the city.

When you need to recharge it – it will take about 20 minutes for 80% charge. A full charge takes 40 mins.

  You don’t need to worry were to park it – you just can fold it - with a bit of practice, folding takes less than 15 seconds and take it with you. The YikeBike weighs around 10.8 kg (23 pounds) with a full battery and air in the tyres. The folded dimensions are 150mm by 600mm by 600mm. The total folded volume is 43 litres. The folded YikeBike is considerably smaller than a typical folding bicycle and the fact that all of the mechanicals are enclosed reduces the risk of marking or staining clothing or furniture.

 Price: $3,595


Key features:


Weight: 10.8 kg (23 lbs)

Frame: Carbon fibre composite

Price: Please click here to see the shop

Drive: Electric Brushless DC motor

Brakes: Electric anti-skid, regenerative

Battery: LiFePO4 - 40 min re-charge

Speed: 23 km/hr (14.3 m/hr)

Power: 1kW

Range: 10 km (6.2 miles)

Fold size: Compact 43 litres

Fold time: Under 20 seconds

Wheels: 20" front and 8" back

Weight limit: 100 kg (220lbs)


 Denis Mas for “FutureNow” magazine

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