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TubeDrobe - ecological wardrobe

  Designer: Nikita Maximov  


  In the near future trends in furniture design will be increasingly focused on experiments with new materials and forms. This will increase the value of eco design as a way of expressing the positions of designers who care about the environment. 
  «TubeDrobe» designed by Nikita Maximov is one of such ecological experiments. TubeDrobe is a cabinet made of cardboard tubes waiting to be recycled. It has a positive association with the natural design and can be attributed to the successful experiments, based on multiplication, repetition of the basic element and producing a synergistic effect in the new quality. 
  Tube as a basic element can implement both conventional and unconventional forms of the TubeDrobe cabinet. It can be used to store small items at home or as a showcase in a design store. 

Denis Mas / www.FutureNow.su

Where to buy:

  • Nikita Maximov - Email: play.wood@mail.ru; Tel: +7 909 590 98 98

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