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Aptera - futuristic electric car is already available

  Electric car Aptera ( in greek Aptera means "wingless") tries to save the planet from pollution and look modern. This machine is a full vehicle, designed for ordinary roads. 
  Many electric cars have failed in the market because they were created on the basis of conventional models with a little modernization. Creating electric requires an integrated approach that Aptera demonstrates. Most cars spend 60% of gasoline to "air resistance".  Aptera’s coefficient of air resistance is one of the lowest among all the existing models - 0,15.Airbags ensure the safety of passengers. Aptera is equipped with a rearview camera, seats made of recycled plastic and the DVD-player integrated with navigation system. 

  When Aptera was unveiled for the first time, the estimated cost has been declared "at least 20 thousand dollars." Now prices has increased significantly and amounted to about 40 thousand dollars. 

Where to buy:

  • www.aptera.com

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