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Lamborghini – Ankonian

Designer : Slavche Tanevsky


  A couple of days back, we had a look at the Lamborghini Madura concept and now there’s a more aggressive concept from designer Slavche Tanevsky in the form of the Lamborghini Ankonian concept. According to the designer, the Ankonian takes the design of the Reventon to the next level, even though the concept itself manages a unique expression. The supercar concept has a more aggressive design, and is downsized to account for a more environment-friendly status, though it does not include any hybrid or similar technologies.

The mid-engined supercar has a narrow and rather complex-looking body, with a garnishing of GT proportions. Thin OLEDs embedded between the surfaces function as headlights, and while all those lines may look weird, the Ankonian supposedly makes the best use of it all. The concept was named after a bull type famous for black hair, and since the designer had some help from professional designers at Lamborghini and Audi, the finished model has impressive looks.

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London Garden Bike

Designers: Marten Wallgren, Il Choi, David Seesing и Miika Hekkinen


 This bike is not like any bike that I have ever seen before, as it also doubles as a generator. See the solar panels on the wheels? Using the sun’s rays and the pedaling of the cyclist, energy is created and stored within the bike itself.
 This energy can later be used to turn the bike into an electric scooter or charge another vehicle like a bus. That’s right, part of this design is so cyclists can board specially made buses with their “bike batteries” and plug them into the bus to provide power.  
  These cyclists will be rewarded by not having to pay a fare, because hey, they’re paying for the fuel, right? Not only that, but there is even plans to store the bikes in the air, so that wind power adds more power. 


Denis Mas

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Compose Yourself - music teaching game

“Compose Yourself” is a unique game, helping your kids to create a real music composition without any special experience.

It’s a fun and easy game showing the process of creating music.

In a box you will find 60 coded music cards, with short pieces of music on each. As they are transparent you can arrange every single card in four different ways and place them in order you like. Then you enter the codes of the cards that you’ve chosen on the Compose Yourself website and you’ll hear your composition played by a real symphony orchestra. You can turn any card or change it’s position in a raw and hear how the music changes.

When you are satisfied with your musical composition, you can download it as an mp3 file and even print out sheet music.

Invented by world-famous composer and cellist Philip Sheppard, “Compose Yourself” seems to be a start of a new tendency in music teaching games.

It’s really inspiring when you hear the music that you‘ve constructed, played by a full symphony orchestra at historic Abbey Road Studios.  It can encourage your kids and you for further music studies.    

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Apple iWatch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch

 Apple has released a new accessory that complements the iPhone and combines the functions of watches, communicator and fitness bracelet.

iWatch was designed to perform a convenient way of communication from your wrist. Apple intelligently thought out design variation that you can choose.

Numerous combinations of case materials, screen themes and straps can make your Apple Watch look unique.

 2 size options:

42x36 mm

38x32 mm

 6 body options:

Stainless Steel

Space Black Stainless Steel

Silver Aluminum

Space Grey Aluminum

18-Karat Yellow Gold

18-Karat Rose Gold

  3 style options (collections):

Apple Watch (sapphire crystal, steel)

Apple Watch Sport (Ion-X glass, aluminum)

Apple Watch Edition (sapphire crystal, gold)

  Navigation is performed with a Retina touch screen, capable of recognizing the longitude and pressing force and Digital Crown wheel, able to zoom and scroll the content.

In addition to the functions of watches, this gadget allows you to answer incoming calls, send quick visual and audio messages, use the navigation map, view photos and get a clear picture of your all-day physical activity .

Apple Watch became a part of the new Apple Pay payment system and now you can pay with a wallet on your wrist.

Price depending on the choice of the case and the strap from $ 349 to $ 5,000.



 Successful combination of various functions of the phone, fitness bracelet and watches.

Numerous design combinations of cases, screen themes and straps



 Clock synchronization is not possible with other devices Apple, except the iPhone.

The battery needs recharging daily active use.



 Apple Watch will be a perfect gift for an impatient gadget fan who has an iPhone and wants to become the first owner of the new gadgets line.

A more exacting gadget collector should wait until the crude version will be tested by the impatient ones and the improved model of Apple watch will come to the market.

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