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Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool

  Designer:  Hironao Tsuboi

  Japanese mobile operator unveiled a new mobile phone model - LIGHT POOL. This mobile phone was created by a Japanese designer Hironao Tsuboi for Toshiba. It belongs to the designer series iida. LIGHT POOL is designed in the clamshell form factor. The presence of triangular forms is associated with Nokia Prism phones. But the function of these design elements is quite different. When you turn on the music in the dark 22 LEDs start to create different visual effects depending on the rhythm of the music. There are about 60 variations of light effects, created by Masakatsu Takagi – musician and artist. 

  In addition to dynamic scintillation magic triangles can form numbers to show time.


Key features:    

  • Colors: white, pink and black
  • Display: 3.2 inch, 480 × 854 pixel, TFT – LCD
  • Camera: 8.08 mega pixel
  • Card: 16GB, microSDHC
  • Bluetooth, GPS
  • Size 110 × 50 × 17.8 mm
  • Weight: 132 gr


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Audi O – DJ Hatchback

Designer  - Ondrej Jirec


  Audi O is an optimal four-seat hatchback for a DJ. It is a delicate mix of futuristic design, powerful and innovative audio system and sport stile. The doors, made partly of glass create a unique shape. Together with the panoramic roof they flood the cabin with light and air. Big glass parts make a cabin more spacious.
  The owner of Audi O can start the party in any place – all necessary equipment is packed inside and could be taken out if needed.  It has a powerful sound system, internet connection and built-in 650 GB hard drive. It can be connected with other Audi O cars thru a Bluetooth system to play music over a wider range. One Audi is set to be the source of music and the others serve as speakers.  
Nothing can spoil the joy of  music inside the cabin. The passenger is separated from the engine with a double wall to keep out the noise.
  Audi O received the second unofficial name of an Avatar Car because of a futuristic design and blue dot lights in front of the car reminding the dots on the faces of Avatar personages.


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Bendy Bike

  Designer: Kevin Scott


  There are many ways for securing bikes against theft, but this might be the most creative. The whole bike bends around a suitable post to become the loop through which the bike is secure.

  It's an existing frame for the front and back section and the bendable section is made out of a series of glass-filled nylon section. Built into the seat post of the bike frame is a ratchet system that tensions the glass nylon tubes into a rigid frame for riding, or releases them for lamp post wrapping.

A possible added benefit of the design is that the bike appears like it can be 'folded' or bent for stowage in the home, office or on public transport.

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Uno – one wheel electric motor bike

  Designer: Ben Gulak


  Invented by an 18 year old guy from Canada - Ben Gulak , the UNO is a one wheel motorcycle that truly balances out. It only has one switch which is the power switch! To go forward you push your body weight forward to tilt the machine. To back up, just lean back. The farther you lean the faster it goes. UNO uses a similar sort of microgyro-motor system as the Segway, but with two gyros: one for forward and back, and one for turning. It's the culmination of a number of vehicle projects by Ben, and uses electric propulsion for eco-friendliness, since Ben visited China where he found that "the smog was so thick, we never saw the sun".

  There is always a problem with a one wheel motorcycle: if the speed is high and you have to brake fast the whole bike will start to roll… We hope that by 2013 Ben will find a solution for this problem.

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ViewSonic FuHzion VX2268wm 3D Monitor - монитор 3D

  This 22 inch wide TFT 3D monitor was expected with all gamers. ViewSonic monitor performs great specifications: an ultra-high 120Hz refresh rate and 3ms video response.


  NVidia's 3D Vision technology gives a great opportunity to enjoy the world of 3D games on a new level.  It also has two stereo speakers built in and SRS WOW HD audio software for a better surround sound experience.





  • 22 in Wide Color TFT Active Matrix LCD Display
  • nVidia 3D Vision ready
  • 3ms video response time
  • Dual link DVI-D input
  • 1680x1050 resolution
  • Pure 120Hz frame rate
  • D-sub (VGA), DVI-D, 3.5mm audio inputs
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Dimensions: 20.2 in x 17.3 in x 7.9 in (508 mm x 440 mm x 203 mm)
  • Weight: 5.8 kg

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Transforming wall beds

 The idea of space-saving wall bed systems is not new, but in recent years has become a real trend. At the moment there are few companies, who has accumulated enough experience to produce multifunctional transforming bed systems, effortlessly transforming from one use to another, allowing one space to perform multiple functions.

Various bed systems can feature comfortable sofas, desks, tables or shelving systems by day, and seamlessly transform into fine beds at night.

Transforming furniture of various producers is presented by the distributor of transforming models – “Resource Furniture”. 

 The “Ulisse Dining” is a queen size, multi-functional wall bed with a dining table on the front that seats up to five individuals. This space saving, modern “murphy bed” integrates seamlessly with our modular Closet and Shelving Systems.

 The “Swing” is a self-standing, queen size wall bed with a 9 foot sofa and sliding chaise. Swing also provides additional storage under the sofa and is also available in a both a three-seat or two-seat sofa version.

This space saving, modern “murphy bed” integrates seamlessly with our modular Closet and Shelving Systems.

Where to buy:

  • http://resourcefurniture.com

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