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Are you addicted to your Smartphone? Nomophobia.
Are you addicted to your Smartphone? Nomophobia.

 Smartphone addiction is one of the most disturbing trends of the present times. Who could expect that a gadget representing a high level of modern technology will cause so much trouble, instead of taking us to a new level?

 Scientists studying this phenomenon on a professional level have introduced a new term – “Nomophobia” (no-mobile-phone-phobia), describing the fear and anxiety of not having your phone with you.
According to the Dscout’s research people touch their phone about 2600 times each day, on average. Heavy users go up to 5500 times a day. 
The research by Flurry has revealed that each year people are spending more time with their Mobile devices and nowadays the average time has increased up to 5 hours a day!!! 
 Do you know how much time do you spend on your phone each day? Multiply it by 365 and you will see how much time your phone takes from you just in one year. 


 It is time to reflect why it has happened and what can we do about it.
We must realise that we are living in the time when Aggressive Marketing is ruling the World. The Marketing ideology proclaims that it wants to fully satisfy the needs of people, but in reality it forces them to acquire new needs to be able to sell more products and services. As the result people are feeling more frustrated as they have to work harder to be able to buy more things and services which are associated with a “Happy and successful” way of living. 
 A Smartphone in the pocket of every customer has became a device, transmitting the marketing strategy, telling people how to live and what products and services to buy. “Useful and entertaining Applications” make the Smartphone addiction stronger. It is difficult for a regular person to realise that it is a serious problem, as when he looks around he sees all the people chained to their phones and it looks like he is doing the same things like everyone else.

 There is no need to go extreme and burn your phone. It is time to ask yourself why do you really need the Smartphone. Which of its services are really improving your life and which are just stealing your time. 
 You could try a small experiment to realise if you have an addiction to your phone. Try to plan one day leaving your phone at home. Don’t forget to warn your relatives, so they won’t worry if they can’t reach you that day. Try to reflect how you feel without a phone and try to enjoy this moment when no one and nothing have power over you. If you manage to arrange a phone free day off regularly it could have a positive impact on your life and maybe you will encourage someone to try it too.
 It could also be a way to show your feelings to someone you love – spend a day together without your phones, talking and really listening to each other without being constantly distracted with calls, messages and sales alerts. 

 It would be interesting to hear your stories of your relationship with your phone, which could encourage other people to rethink the role of Smartphones in their everyday life. We will post the best stories.
 Together with our readers we try to figure out what could help to reduce the addiction and negative effects of using Smartphones. You can send your suggestions and stories to FutureNowSU@gmail.com.

 So far we have worked out the following tips:

1.Try to monitor how much time do you spend on your Smartphone each day and reflect how you could reduce this time.
2.Try to spend at least one day a week without a phone. Dedicate this day to yourself or to someone you care.
3.Reflect how to help children avoiding addiction to Smartphone and other gadgets. 

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