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Mobile trends. Phone-bracelets and the reincarnation of flip phones.
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Bracelet phone
Bracelet phone
Scarlett and her flip phone
Rihanna and her flip phone
Mini phone. Credit card size
Future phone

 The start of the millennium marked the peak of mobile phones diversity. Phones were significantly different in design, operating systems and prices. In 2007 the iPhone concept has appered and "designer phones" were wiped out as quickly as dinosaurs in the fall of a meteorite. Prototypes of "futuristic" mobile phones had no time for inception – rather manufacturers switched to flat panel phones, luring users into imaginary pleasures of endless applications.

  How long will the hegemony of the monotonous flat screens last and what are the future trends of mobile phones, FutureNow has inquired amongst its readers:

  1. "Flat screens" will continue to dominate the mobile phone market hence it is not the time to wait for a revolution. Users quickly get used to a mini computer in their pocket and do not want to part with it. Small changes will gradually appear in new models: more sustainable batteries, wireless charging and other advanced technical features.
  2. Telephones-computers, integrated into the user's body, will soon become the new trend for people who want to feel like comic book heroes. The miniaturization of computer chips will allow incorporation of their favorite gadget not only into their lives but also bodies, letting them constant connectivity without any worry of leaving the unit behind.
  3. The emergence of foldable displays and opportunities of using new materials will enable radical change to the appearance of mobile devices. The incorporation of mobile phones in any items will be possible. You will be able to make calls with a bracelet or a teddy bear. The emergence of the Apple iWatch watch became a successful experiment on the synthesis of cell phones and accessories.
  4. One of the trends is to rebel against a phone with endless applications. People reach for alternative mobile phones with no frills facilitating only calls and messaging in an attempt to save time. This trend formed two lines - the reincarnation of vintage phones and the arrival of new minimalist models. Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna and other celebrities have been spotted with old flip phones. The Motorola company definitely tracks the trends recalling its famous phone Moto Razr in a new commercial. Mini mobile phones have become an alternative to vintage phones. A new generation of minimalistic phones the size of a credit card with a phone call and text message functions.
  5. Perhaps the leap in human development will finally turn on dormant telepathic abilities and the need for mobile phones will disappear naturally.


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