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LG Crystal GD900
LG Crytal GD900
LG Crytal GD900
LG Crytal GD900
LG Crytal GD900
LG Crytal GD900

  LG Crystal GD900 is a slider with а transparent, touch screen keypad. It allows to enter numbers and type messages in a usual manner and also through gestures. You can control all functions of the phone with a 3 inch touch sensitive display. LG Crystal has 8 megapixel sensor and supports DivX and Xvid content with a resolution, not exceeding 352x288 pixels. It also provides 1.5GB built-in memory and supports micro SDHC cards up to 32GB.        

  There are a pair of headphones, software CD, user manual, wall charger and USB cable in a kit.


Key features:


Touchscreen slider

Weight: 127g

Screen: 3 inch, 16 M color, TFT screen

1.5 GB internal memory

8 mega pixel camera with flash


Bluetooth 2.0

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Motorola AURA
Motorola AURA

  Motorola has decided to surprise everyone and created a new model of a luxury phone - MOTOAURA. For the first time the phone has a circular screen with a TFT-matrix of 1.55 inches. The screen is covered with a sapphire crystal weighing 62 carats. Convex glass creates an unusual optical effect. The body is made of polished steel with etched pattern. In the turning mechanism are used tungsten bearings covered with carbon that provides a soft glide and a clear fixation. Motorola Aura is made up of more than 700 separate parts and 130 bearings in rotating mechanism. The phone's design, materials used and gears seen in transparent window on the back cover remind of luxury vintage Swiss watches. 

  The phone has music player, 2GB memory, 2 megapixel camera and internet support.



Size: 96 x 47 x 18 mm

Weight: 141 g

Screen: 480 x 480px

Bluetooth: Yes

Camera: 2 Megapixels

MP3 Player: Yes

Java Support: Yes

Radio Support: No

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LG TAG – Mobile phone
LG TAG – Mobile phone

Designer: Eric Stoddard


  Speed Design Studio developed a concept of a new mobile phone specially for LG. LG Tag is an accessory that clips to the ear and makes your hands free. Simple touch screen makes it easy to move around. LG Tag has compact size, but is able to solve complex tasks. For example, entering data through a computer connected via cable or wirelessly. There is also a possibility to navigate with a voice control. The user has access to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  LG wants to be more original and therefore has big hopes for this little accessory, that repeats LG logo in shape and color. There are no buttons – just a round touch screen and a microphone with speaker on rear panel. We impatiently look forward to hear the reviews of the users.

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Nokia E97 Envelope
Nokia E97 Envelope

Designer: Fabien Nauroy

  Shape of this mobile was inspired by an envelope. Instead of a letter there is a screen inside, which can be pulled out and function as a separate device.
This phone has a keyboard  with an AZERTY layout and a small LCD display above.  The leather case contains a second pocket  for holding an additional screen. The most interesting part of this phone is the pull-out LED display that can be used for storing, editing and sharing files and pictures. This magic screen allows you to surf webpages and share photos  with others. It can be used as a photo frame and a book. Screen uses special E-ink technology which  imitates a real ink on a paper. It creates unique design and spends much less energy. Nokia E97 supports two SIM cards.

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Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S2

  The first Galaxy model was a great success – over 10 millions sold in 2010. Samsung expects more with Galaxy S2 in 2011. Second model is slimmer, faster and has got new features.

  The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the thinnest smart phones produced in 2011 - 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm and its weight is only 116 grams. Samsung managed to achieve such dimensions using a plastic cover for the phone.

  Galaxy S2 is considered to be a strong rival for iPhone and the main reason for that is supporting Flash. Android browser easily manages with flash content inaccessible for iPhone.



Main specifications:


Operating System: Android v2.3 Gingerbread

CPU/ Processor: 1.2 GHz Dual Core Application

Connectivity for Internet: 3G HSPA+ and Wi-Fi

Display Size: 4.27 inches

Display Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels

Camera Size: 8.0 Mega Pixel Cameras

Secondary camera: 2.0-Mega Pixel

Internal Memory: 1GB

Supports up to 32 GB with MicroSD External card Slot

Audio Format: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eACC

Recording: FULL HD (1080p)@30fps

Business centric features

Audio Jack: 3.5mm

Stereo FM Radio

GPS with A-GPS

Adobe Flash 10.1 support

Android Brower, RSS Reader

Google Maps with Latitude, Places, Navigation (beta)

Battery: 1650mAh

Talk Time of 18.3 hours on 2G/ 9 hours on 3G

Dimensions: 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.49mm

Weight: 116grams

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Dial Phone by Jung Dae Hoon
Dial Phone by Jung Dae Hoon

  Designer: Jung Dae Hoon


  Dial Phone is a first mobile phone that looks like a bracelet and can be worn on a wrist. The idea combines cutting-edge technology and vintage associations. It reminds of old-fashioned dial phones. Mobile phone producers look for new ways to attract customers. The combination of a phone and accessories can be a productive idea.

  Bracelet phone is operated by turning the dial. Different characters are projected with light beams on a surface below. 

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Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool
Toshiba Light Pool

  Designer:  Hironao Tsuboi

  Japanese mobile operator unveiled a new mobile phone model - LIGHT POOL. This mobile phone was created by a Japanese designer Hironao Tsuboi for Toshiba. It belongs to the designer series iida. LIGHT POOL is designed in the clamshell form factor. The presence of triangular forms is associated with Nokia Prism phones. But the function of these design elements is quite different. When you turn on the music in the dark 22 LEDs start to create different visual effects depending on the rhythm of the music. There are about 60 variations of light effects, created by Masakatsu Takagi – musician and artist. 

  In addition to dynamic scintillation magic triangles can form numbers to show time.


Key features:    

  • Colors: white, pink and black
  • Display: 3.2 inch, 480 × 854 pixel, TFT – LCD
  • Camera: 8.08 mega pixel
  • Card: 16GB, microSDHC
  • Bluetooth, GPS
  • Size 110 × 50 × 17.8 mm
  • Weight: 132 gr


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Samsung Proxima
Samsung Proxima

Designer : Johan Loekito


  Samsung Proxima is the second mobile phone after Dial Phone which is placed in the bracelet. But design and function of this model are completely different.  The phone itself is a separate unit, which can be attached or removed from the bracelet. The plastic bracelet has a search phone function. When the mobile phone is strongly away from the bracelet, special alarm is activated through sound or vibration. If your phone is not far away, but you do not know whether it is in а closet, in a bag or on the fridge - you can save time by turning on a phone search mode. 
  The phone itself is a small black removable unit made in a clamshell form factor and has three displays. The first screen is on the front and performs the technology of electronic ink, allowing to work without too much energy. There are two touch OLED-displays with a virtual keyboard inside. 
  With Samsung Proxima you can determine and contact the owners of other similar phones near by. 

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Apple iWatch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch
Часы Apple Watch

 Apple has released a new accessory that complements the iPhone and combines the functions of watches, communicator and fitness bracelet.

iWatch was designed to perform a convenient way of communication from your wrist. Apple intelligently thought out design variation that you can choose.

Numerous combinations of case materials, screen themes and straps can make your Apple Watch look unique.

 2 size options:

42x36 mm

38x32 mm

 6 body options:

Stainless Steel

Space Black Stainless Steel

Silver Aluminum

Space Grey Aluminum

18-Karat Yellow Gold

18-Karat Rose Gold

  3 style options (collections):

Apple Watch (sapphire crystal, steel)

Apple Watch Sport (Ion-X glass, aluminum)

Apple Watch Edition (sapphire crystal, gold)

  Navigation is performed with a Retina touch screen, capable of recognizing the longitude and pressing force and Digital Crown wheel, able to zoom and scroll the content.

In addition to the functions of watches, this gadget allows you to answer incoming calls, send quick visual and audio messages, use the navigation map, view photos and get a clear picture of your all-day physical activity .

Apple Watch became a part of the new Apple Pay payment system and now you can pay with a wallet on your wrist.

Price depending on the choice of the case and the strap from $ 349 to $ 5,000.



 Successful combination of various functions of the phone, fitness bracelet and watches.

Numerous design combinations of cases, screen themes and straps



 Clock synchronization is not possible with other devices Apple, except the iPhone.

The battery needs recharging daily active use.



 Apple Watch will be a perfect gift for an impatient gadget fan who has an iPhone and wants to become the first owner of the new gadgets line.

A more exacting gadget collector should wait until the crude version will be tested by the impatient ones and the improved model of Apple watch will come to the market.

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LG Flutter by Dua Xiong
LG Flutter
LG Flutter
LG Flutter
LG Flutter
LG Flutter

  Designer : Dua Xiong


  LG Flutter was called a blooming flower and a fan in many reviews. It’s design can really give many associations. Being folded, the phone has a sleek and unique look with a combination of glossy number pad and matt finished body. It provides comfort while holding in hand. At front there are an analog watch and LG logo, with the camera underneath. When unfolded, a touch screen scrolls radically and provides all controls of the phone.

 Probably this phone can also be useful when it gets hot, if you swing it fast…

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Mobile trends. Phone-bracelets and the reincarnation of flip phones.
iPhone virus
Micro chip
Bracelet phone
Bracelet phone
Scarlett and her flip phone
Rihanna and her flip phone
Mini phone. Credit card size
Future phone

 The start of the millennium marked the peak of mobile phones diversity. Phones were significantly different in design, operating systems and prices. In 2007 the iPhone concept has appered and "designer phones" were wiped out as quickly as dinosaurs in the fall of a meteorite. Prototypes of "futuristic" mobile phones had no time for inception – rather manufacturers switched to flat panel phones, luring users into imaginary pleasures of endless applications.

  How long will the hegemony of the monotonous flat screens last and what are the future trends of mobile phones, FutureNow has inquired amongst its readers:

  1. "Flat screens" will continue to dominate the mobile phone market hence it is not the time to wait for a revolution. Users quickly get used to a mini computer in their pocket and do not want to part with it. Small changes will gradually appear in new models: more sustainable batteries, wireless charging and other advanced technical features.
  2. Telephones-computers, integrated into the user's body, will soon become the new trend for people who want to feel like comic book heroes. The miniaturization of computer chips will allow incorporation of their favorite gadget not only into their lives but also bodies, letting them constant connectivity without any worry of leaving the unit behind.
  3. The emergence of foldable displays and opportunities of using new materials will enable radical change to the appearance of mobile devices. The incorporation of mobile phones in any items will be possible. You will be able to make calls with a bracelet or a teddy bear. The emergence of the Apple iWatch watch became a successful experiment on the synthesis of cell phones and accessories.
  4. One of the trends is to rebel against a phone with endless applications. People reach for alternative mobile phones with no frills facilitating only calls and messaging in an attempt to save time. This trend formed two lines - the reincarnation of vintage phones and the arrival of new minimalist models. Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna and other celebrities have been spotted with old flip phones. The Motorola company definitely tracks the trends recalling its famous phone Moto Razr in a new commercial. Mini mobile phones have become an alternative to vintage phones. A new generation of minimalistic phones the size of a credit card with a phone call and text message functions.
  5. Perhaps the leap in human development will finally turn on dormant telepathic abilities and the need for mobile phones will disappear naturally.


Your opinion for the future trends of mobile phones is important to us. Please share your views and futuristic insights on our page:


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Window Phone
Window phone
Window phone
Window phone

  Designer: Seunghan Song


  Phone as a piece of transparent plastic  so far is only a concept. But the probability of such gadget is quite high according to the technology used in the transparent touch screen of LG Crystal GD900
  The main idea of the Window Phone is to show the weather on display: water drops – when it rains, frozen glass - in sub-zero temperatures, etc. The main question - how to make the whole gadget transparent... 

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New generation Smartphones: Motorola Razr 2020, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2.
New generation Smartphones: Motorola Razr 2020, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2.
New generation Smartphones: Motorola Razr 2020.
New generation Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.
New generation Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.
New generation Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.
New generation Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

 If you are bored of being one of the owners of identical Smartphones and you are ready to pay a high price to look different, Motorola Razr 2020 is definitely an option for you. This Foldable Screen Smartphone (FSS) is executed with the cutting edge screen technology and a unique design. The combination of a nostalgic flip concept with a new generation screen will give you a chance to look like you are “Back to the Future”. But be prepared that you pay only for the innovative design and technical performance won’t be perfect. This is common for the first models of a new concept. It will take a year or two to fix the bugs and produce an improved model with a design of a futuristic nostalgia.

 Galaxy Flip is another example of a vertical flip phone, very similar to Motorola Razr 2020. It also gives an impression of a gadget, which needs an upgrade. 
The biggest screen at the FSS market is presented by a horizontal flip phone Galaxy Z Fold 2. It is the most heavy, thick and expensive foldable Smartphone at the moment. When open it looks like a small tablet, which is more convenient for gaming, reading and Internet surfing. Technically it feels like a more refine gadget, comparing with the previous two models, but the price…
 The prices of the mentioned gadgets will test how strong is your desire to become the avant-garde FSS owner. 



Buy / Compare prices:

Motorola Razr 2020: https://amzn.to/3kD9vUJ  

Galaxy Flip: https://amzn.to/3b80L63

Galaxy Z Fold 2: https://amzn.to/3kJnCb9 

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Are you addicted to your Smartphone? Nomophobia.
Are you addicted to your Smartphone? Nomophobia.

 Smartphone addiction is one of the most disturbing trends of the present times. Who could expect that a gadget representing a high level of modern technology will cause so much trouble, instead of taking us to a new level?

 Scientists studying this phenomenon on a professional level have introduced a new term – “Nomophobia” (no-mobile-phone-phobia), describing the fear and anxiety of not having your phone with you.
According to the Dscout’s research people touch their phone about 2600 times each day, on average. Heavy users go up to 5500 times a day. 
The research by Flurry has revealed that each year people are spending more time with their Mobile devices and nowadays the average time has increased up to 5 hours a day!!! 
 Do you know how much time do you spend on your phone each day? Multiply it by 365 and you will see how much time your phone takes from you just in one year. 


 It is time to reflect why it has happened and what can we do about it.
We must realise that we are living in the time when Aggressive Marketing is ruling the World. The Marketing ideology proclaims that it wants to fully satisfy the needs of people, but in reality it forces them to acquire new needs to be able to sell more products and services. As the result people are feeling more frustrated as they have to work harder to be able to buy more things and services which are associated with a “Happy and successful” way of living. 
 A Smartphone in the pocket of every customer has became a device, transmitting the marketing strategy, telling people how to live and what products and services to buy. “Useful and entertaining Applications” make the Smartphone addiction stronger. It is difficult for a regular person to realise that it is a serious problem, as when he looks around he sees all the people chained to their phones and it looks like he is doing the same things like everyone else.

 There is no need to go extreme and burn your phone. It is time to ask yourself why do you really need the Smartphone. Which of its services are really improving your life and which are just stealing your time. 
 You could try a small experiment to realise if you have an addiction to your phone. Try to plan one day leaving your phone at home. Don’t forget to warn your relatives, so they won’t worry if they can’t reach you that day. Try to reflect how you feel without a phone and try to enjoy this moment when no one and nothing have power over you. If you manage to arrange a phone free day off regularly it could have a positive impact on your life and maybe you will encourage someone to try it too.
 It could also be a way to show your feelings to someone you love – spend a day together without your phones, talking and really listening to each other without being constantly distracted with calls, messages and sales alerts. 

 It would be interesting to hear your stories of your relationship with your phone, which could encourage other people to rethink the role of Smartphones in their everyday life. We will post the best stories.
 Together with our readers we try to figure out what could help to reduce the addiction and negative effects of using Smartphones. You can send your suggestions and stories to FutureNowSU@gmail.com.

 So far we have worked out the following tips:

1.Try to monitor how much time do you spend on your Smartphone each day and reflect how you could reduce this time.
2.Try to spend at least one day a week without a phone. Dedicate this day to yourself or to someone you care.
3.Reflect how to help children avoiding addiction to Smartphone and other gadgets. 

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