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Future architecture by Vincent Callebaut

Vincent Callebaut is an architect with a unique vision of the future. He is confirmed as one of the most important leader in green architecture and low carbon emission living.

 Time Magazine has referred to his work as the best eco-utopian architect: "Imagining fantastical projects that address the world's environmental and social ills."

 The main projects of Vincent Callebaut illustrate the future of Ecopolises of tomorrow. In New York City, he creates the first emblematic eco-concept of Urban Farming called "Dragonfly, a metabolic farm for urban agriculture".

 For the Principality of Monaco, Vincent Callebaut designs his self-sufficient manifest project called "Lilypad, a floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees".

 In his approach, Vincent Callebaut invites to a quasi «futurist» view on the contemporary city resolutely focused on a long lasting urban development. He proposes an eminently conceptual reflection to build an ideal city, «Ecopolis» where it would be pleasant to live durably.

 Vincent Callebaut creates architecture out of pleasure. He isn’t controlled by any dogmatism that might force him to produce an architecture responding only to the techno-political terms, but propelled by a desire, the desire to create.


Your can learn more about Vincent Callebaut and his projects on his official website:


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