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BRP Can-Am Spyder SE5
BRP Can-Am Spyder SE5

  Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) has now taken to the streets. BRP's Can-Am Spyder is a three-wheeler that is neither motorcycle nor sports car, but an intriguing blend of both.

  With the markets for motorcycles and sports cars maturing as quickly as their target audience (the ubiquitous baby boomer), planners and designers at BRP saw an opportunity for a different kind of vehicle — one that could deliver most of the liberating thrills of a motorcycle without the inherent risks of a fundamentally unstable machine. 

  The team decided on three wheels: two in front and a wider drive wheel in back. It would be a vehicle you sit atop and ride rather than sit in and drive, unlike several three-wheel, sit-in designs that already existed. And since three wheels are more unstable than four, BRP's new creation would make extensive use of modern electronic stability technology.

  The Spyder is 105 inches long with a 68-inch wheelbase, and its front wheels span a track of 51.5 inches. Its total height is 45.1 inches and the seat is perched 29 inches off the ground. The claimed dry vehicle weight is 697 pounds. Not bad for a vehicle with two wheels in front (with 165/65R-14 tires) and one in back (225/50R-15), plus three disc brakes.

   The front suspension is a classic double A-arm with an anti-roll bar, and the rear has a swing arm controlled by a monoshock. The coil springs can be adjusted for passenger and cargo load with a small tool provided in the standard kit. Most owners would probably be more inclined to make these adjustments if the springs had integrated levers.
The Spyder is powered by a 990-cc V-twin engine that delivers 106 horsepower at 8500 rpm. Designed by BRP's Austrian-based Rotax division, a world-leading builder of small engines, it is the same you get with the vaunted Aprilia Mille RSV 1000 R sport bike, tuned with a greater emphasis on torque.

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Honda Fury – best 2010 design

  At the New York International Motorcycle Show, American Honda introduced to the world what many have deemed the most radically styled production Honda ever built: "the Fury". The Fury radiates attitude and delivers a total riding experience approaching the outer limits of motorcycling.

  The Fury opens the door to the most extreme level of custom looks. But once you're rolling, the Fury experience is all about that special bond between rider and machine: the unmistakable big V-twin pulse, the characteristic Vee engine note and the no-nonsense riding stance bring you back to the core elements of riding.

  Destined to become a milestone machine, the Fury captures the pure, undiluted chopper essence, places it within easy reach of nearly every rider and then backs it up with the same quality and reliability built into every Honda. It's a radical concept in a unique package, a combination never before offered-until today.

  Price: $12,999





-       Full-on chopper styling

-       Longest wheelbase ever in a production Honda motorcycle

-       Muscular V-twin power, sound and feel

-       Clean looks, superior attention to detail

-       Spacious riding position

-       Low seat height




Engine Type: 1312cc liquid-cooled 52°

Compression Ratio: 9.2:1

Valve Train: SOHC; three valves per cylinder

Induction: PGM-FI with automatic enricher circuit, one 38mm throttle body

Ignition: Digital with three-dimensional mapping, two spark plugs per cylinder

Transmission: Five-speed

Final drive: Shaft
Front: 45mm fork; 4.0 inches travel

Rear: Single shock with adjustable rebound damping and five-position spring preload adjustability; 3.7 inches travel

Front: Single 336mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear: Single 296mm disc with single-piston caliper

Front: 90/90-21 
Rear: 200/50-18

Wheelbase: 71.24 inches

Rake (Caster Angle): 38.0° 
Trail: 3.5 inches

Seat Height: 26.7 inches

Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons

Colors: Dark Red Metallic, Metallic Silver, Ultra Blue Metallic, Black, Matte Silver Metallic (2010 special color-limited production)

Weight: 663 pounds

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Uno – one wheel electric motor bike

  Designer: Ben Gulak


  Invented by an 18 year old guy from Canada - Ben Gulak , the UNO is a one wheel motorcycle that truly balances out. It only has one switch which is the power switch! To go forward you push your body weight forward to tilt the machine. To back up, just lean back. The farther you lean the faster it goes. UNO uses a similar sort of microgyro-motor system as the Segway, but with two gyros: one for forward and back, and one for turning. It's the culmination of a number of vehicle projects by Ben, and uses electric propulsion for eco-friendliness, since Ben visited China where he found that "the smog was so thick, we never saw the sun".

  There is always a problem with a one wheel motorcycle: if the speed is high and you have to brake fast the whole bike will start to roll… We hope that by 2013 Ben will find a solution for this problem.

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RYNO – one-wheeled, electric motorcycle.
RYNO – one-wheeled, electric motorcycle.
RYNO – one-wheeled, electric motorcycle.
RYNO – parking mode.
RYNO – one-wheeled, electric motorcycle.
RYNO – one-wheeled, electric motorcycle.

  RYNO is an example of a brave idea to rethink the concept of a motorcycle. Small, sleek and unique, it looks like it rolled off a sci-fi movie set. It is a real vehicle, which can make you transportation comfortable and enjoyable.


 RYNO represents the new generation of electric motorcycles and we expect them to improve their characteristics in nearest future and to be able to go for longer distances. Today it is capable of covering 24 km on one charge and carrying up to 118 kg weight (rider + cargo capacity). 


Price: $ 2,995


More characteristics: http://rynomotors.com/meet-the-ryno/specs/

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