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London Garden Bike

Designers: Marten Wallgren, Il Choi, David Seesing и Miika Hekkinen


 This bike is not like any bike that I have ever seen before, as it also doubles as a generator. See the solar panels on the wheels? Using the sun’s rays and the pedaling of the cyclist, energy is created and stored within the bike itself.
 This energy can later be used to turn the bike into an electric scooter or charge another vehicle like a bus. That’s right, part of this design is so cyclists can board specially made buses with their “bike batteries” and plug them into the bus to provide power.  
  These cyclists will be rewarded by not having to pay a fare, because hey, they’re paying for the fuel, right? Not only that, but there is even plans to store the bikes in the air, so that wind power adds more power. 


Denis Mas

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