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Audi O – DJ Hatchback

Designer  - Ondrej Jirec


  Audi O is an optimal four-seat hatchback for a DJ. It is a delicate mix of futuristic design, powerful and innovative audio system and sport stile. The doors, made partly of glass create a unique shape. Together with the panoramic roof they flood the cabin with light and air. Big glass parts make a cabin more spacious.
  The owner of Audi O can start the party in any place – all necessary equipment is packed inside and could be taken out if needed.  It has a powerful sound system, internet connection and built-in 650 GB hard drive. It can be connected with other Audi O cars thru a Bluetooth system to play music over a wider range. One Audi is set to be the source of music and the others serve as speakers.  
Nothing can spoil the joy of  music inside the cabin. The passenger is separated from the engine with a double wall to keep out the noise.
  Audi O received the second unofficial name of an Avatar Car because of a futuristic design and blue dot lights in front of the car reminding the dots on the faces of Avatar personages.


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