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NmG2 - electric three wheeler car for two passengers

  Myers Motors has unveiled the second model of an electric three wheeler car – NmG 2. The first NmG was designed for one person and NmG Duo takes two.  The two passengers electric  vehicle has more storage space, air conditioning and modern design – it doesn’t look like if it has escaped from the circus anymore. But there are customers who really love the first model because of that neo retro design.

  The NmG tops out at 75 mph and can travel 60 miles on a charge of its lithium-ion battery. There is an optional battery pack, that can extend the range to 100 miles.

  The law doesn’t catch up with technology and this vehicle can’t be classified as neither a car nor a motorcycle – it requires a new special class of vehicle.

Price: $ 30,000

Where to buy:

  • www.myersmotors.com

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