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Cozmo robot – WALL-E’s little brother

 Cozmo has become one the best toy robots in 2016. It’s voice and personality, inspired by famous WALL-E cartoon robot, makes it irresistible for kids, teenagers and even grown-ups.

 Cozmo is starting a new trend in toy robot industry. It looks more like a friend or a pet, then just a toy. It’s because it was programmed with an “emotion engine”. That means it can react to situations as a human, with a full range of emotions. It can also perform facial recognition to remember faces and recite names.

 Cozmo can perform different tasks and play games through iOS or Android application on your phone. You can play a number of games with the robot using the three cubes, coming in a kit. Playing and completing the tasks helps you to unlock new games and abilities.

 What’s more exciting is that Anki is opening up Cozmo’s software to third-party developers, which means there will always be new games to play with this robot.

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