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Compose Yourself - music teaching game

“Compose Yourself” is a unique game, helping your kids to create a real music composition without any special experience.

It’s a fun and easy game showing the process of creating music.

In a box you will find 60 coded music cards, with short pieces of music on each. As they are transparent you can arrange every single card in four different ways and place them in order you like. Then you enter the codes of the cards that you’ve chosen on the Compose Yourself website and you’ll hear your composition played by a real symphony orchestra. You can turn any card or change it’s position in a raw and hear how the music changes.

When you are satisfied with your musical composition, you can download it as an mp3 file and even print out sheet music.

Invented by world-famous composer and cellist Philip Sheppard, “Compose Yourself” seems to be a start of a new tendency in music teaching games.

It’s really inspiring when you hear the music that you‘ve constructed, played by a full symphony orchestra at historic Abbey Road Studios.  It can encourage your kids and you for further music studies.    

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