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  The Neocube has many great benefits. The biggest benefit is that it helps with stress. The original Neocube has 216 individual magnetic squares. This item can be manipulated, mangled, crushed and distorted into billions of different designs, whatever suits your mood best. It is said that powerful magnetic fields are a way to help relieve stress and the Neocube has very powerful rare earth magnets.

  The Neocube also has Educational benefits. It Is said to help increase knowledge of geometry and math. It is said to help understand theoretical and practical terms as well as assisting in scoring higher on the SAT’s due to the high volume of geometry questions on the test. There are also principals of physics that the Neocube can help clarify. 

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NASA Ant Farm

  This model of ant farm gives the best opportunity to observe ants at work. It’s based on a NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study animal life in space and test how ants create tunnels in microgravity. The space gel serves as both habitat and nutrition for the ants. You can watch as the ants turn  the gel into a colony of tunnels.

  Ant farm comes in a variety of colors including the red, green and blue. Unfortunately, no queen ants come with these kits.

  With a special translucent light you can observe ants even in the dark.

Price: $19.95


Dimensions: 17cm x 14cm x 3.5cm


Denis Mas

Where to buy:

  • http://www.scientificsonline.com/antworks-gel-ant-habitat.html

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