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Minox PX3D review

  Minox company also decided to join the 3D market with its 3D camera - Minox PX3D.

 Minox tried to do something new, something different from existing 3D cameras and in some features, this task was completed. Distinguishing features of Minox PX3D: miniature size, unique design, 4 lenses (!), vertical position of lenses.

  Everything new is forgotten old. It seems that for using 4 lenses Minox was inspired by Nimslo company, producing stereo photo cameras with 6 and 4 lenses from 1953. Minox just decided to arrange them vertically. The result is a 3D effect which is not horizontal but vertical - the details of the background appear behind the object in the foreground when the angle of the screen changes vertically.

  It’s well known that the more basic pictures are used to create a stereo image, the more voluminous the picture becomes. While shooting the 360 angle stereo pictures, the number of lenses (on separate synchronized cameras) can be infinitely large - depending on budget. As a result, you may observe a variety of products in the Internet shops from all possible angles.

  For some reason, the manufacturer does not mention the participation of Volkswagen in the project, although the inscription «Volkswagen design» flaunts on the camera’s body. Maybe this gadget is part of Volkswagen’s ad campaign or Minox is selling advertising space on their cameras ...

  A miniature camera with the original design and 4 lenses will certainly find their customers - rather stylish gadget fans, than photographers.




Lens: 9mm

Sensor: 5 megapixels

3D photo format: AVI

Screen: 3D-live (without glasses)

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