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PowerFlex 3D - first 3D cam by Rollei

  German manufacturer of cameras, photographic and optical equipment Rollei released 3D camera - PowerFlex 3D to the market.

  It is the first 3D camera by Rollei, but not their first camera with two lenses. The company began manufacturing stereo photo cameras in 1921. The idea is the same, only presentation is different. The screen of the 3D camera performs one 3D image, combined of 2 pictures made by each lens and about hundred years ago a pare of stereo pictures were printed separately and then viewed through special lenses, producing stereo effect.

  PowerFlex camera is equipped with two lenses and two CMOS, creating 3D images from two pictures. Rollei’s camera appeared after the first Fuji’s 3D camera - Fuji film FinePix REAL 3D W3. It’s strange that the specifications are so poor comparing with Japanese competitor. It seems that Rollei was not simply aware of the FujiFilm camera, produced one year earlier. Matrix resolution in half less – 5 megapixels and screen size is also smaller than competitor’s - 2,8 inches. The set of functions is absolutely identical: 3D and 2D modes, 3D video recording; 3D-live screen (without stereo glasses).


Dimensions: 110 x 70 x 20,5 mm

Weight: 127 gr

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